Sunday, December 23, 2012

AC vs DC failure debate

I am miffed by hearing that DC motors are now somehow failing because of extended road time due to the use of Lithium Batteries in the conversions? I have heard this but have not seen any proof that it really is an issue that is directly caused by extended use from what the normal has been in the past. It seems like a logical thought but rarely does logic pan out in reality. Quite frankly I have not seen the proof. I have heard that some have had failures but I have heard about and seen the results of failures with DC motors in conversions that utilize the old lead acid batteries too.

I see the comment as a ploy to push AC when AC was at one time a non issue because they were too damn expensive. Now that a small load is available it somehow makes AC viable to the DIY group. Until I see fully that the use of lithium and extended driving will cause the motor to fail prematurely I will continue to promote DC as well as the affordable AC to those that want that option. Remember that once the supply of those AC motors and Controllers dries up they once again become a non issue again. 

So please those of you who have proof of failures directly attributed to this please provide your information and images of the damage caused. I am not looking for rumors or he said she said either. I am looking at proof that with out a doubt shows this as a cause of failure. 

Pete :)

Is there REALLY an issue here?

Seems like a sales ploy to me. Once the AC motors were acquired but before they were delivered I believe that the DC failure rumor began moving about. A change has taken place.

It is my deepest hope that Jack or someone else can pull this off and get the OEM Motor company to begin selling these suckers to US at a respectable price. I will take my hat off to anyone that can actually successfully pull that off. And not for just a select few. 

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