Sunday, May 19, 2013

Silent Safari

Well another cool conversion. What about a silent safari vehicle? Sounds cool to me. Have a look at this beauty.

Pete :)

Check out their web site:

Friday, May 17, 2013

Size Does Matter

I saw a real nice conversion and includes a video. I will present you with the video if you have not seen it yet. It is a conversion of a Mini Truck and I am partial to the Mini as I used to have one back in 76. I had purchased a 62 Mini with the original 850 engine and dual SU's. It was fast and got excellent mileage. Handled like a go-cart even at freeway speeds. Love them. So here you go. An excellent video and very enjoyable to watch.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Two rims are being replaced and being replaced without gripe or complaint. They are being very professional. I took the tires and rims to have the tires installed. The real bad rim is just flat out bad. The valve stem would not even stay on. The other rim actually had the hub cap tab welded right over the valve stem hole and after the valve stem was installed there was no way to to put air in. So only two tires were installed. Should have my replacement rims within the week. I purchased 4 145r15 tires but I think I am going to also order two 165r15 tires for the rear of the car. A tad wider. Pretty much the same size. These are not the LRR tires but I did find some real nice ones for a damn good price but they are 75 width size. Not terrible and not over $130 each.

So things are moving along. Still slow but moving. :)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Firestone Tires

Well, yesterday I put an order in for my tires and low and behold I got them today. I did not even order next day shipping. Wow, that is super fast shipping. I ordered the tires through Summit Racing. So now my tires are in but I have two bum rims that I want to return. The tires are 145r15 and the stock size is 155r15. Many use 165r15 but I wanted the narrower tires and lower tires. So with that I will need to lower the beast to get the tires nice and sung under the wheel wells so it looks good too. This is just a cruiser so I am not looking at screaming performance. Just good old plain Firestone 145r15 Radials. I will however run them at 42psi.

Time to roll this beast :)


Thought you'd like to see the rims. I was originally pleased with them but did not take a good look at them before today. These rims are original so quite old and used. In my time I have seen many rims with deep rust gouges within and around the rims that I would just toss in the garbage. So much so that they are not in my opinion reusable and for sure not safe or able to hold the tire bead well. Though they are old there are still plenty of these Wide 5 Smoothie 15" rims around that one should be able to find enough for rebuilding and resale. I picked these up for my Roadster and just because they will be covered I am not please that two of the 4 were badly rust pitted and one of those was so bad I would have to actually use a tube because around the valve the rust pitting was real bad. So what does this person do? He takes that rusted hulk and as is blasts the rim clean and then welds on the moonie hub tabs to the rim and then powder coats it and sends it out the door as a finished ready to go product. At $162 bucks each that is unacceptable. Double that and its down right bull shit. Two of the rims are acceptable. I am sending off pictures to the guy and his company. This guy builds custom VW's for clients and I am a client. After this I do not plan on taking any of my needs to them. I will get these rims replaced but after that I am done with them. They are not professional if they allow this kind of garbage out the door.

Here is a good one:

Here is the worst one: The insides of the rim are just as important as the outsides. 

Click on the image to see the larger version. No way would a valve stem seal around this crap. 

Monday, May 6, 2013


VW 9" GE Motor. An original Bradley GTE Motor. Built in Adaptor to bolt to your VW using your stock flywheel and pressure plate.
No cutting of your Bug required. This motor fits with no modification.

9" GE Series motor with built in Adaptor. 
Synkromotive Controller with Harness. 
Main Contactor with 12v coil
500A Shunt
Fuse 300A with holder. 

Does not come with flywheel/pressure plate. 
All component are good used condition. 

Location: Marysville, California.


Local Pickup Preferred.

Pete :)