Friday, March 30, 2012

Brakes Installed

Brakes installed and old master cylinder removed. Boy, its amazing how much damage old leaked out brake fluid can do over time. I found out this evening that the rubber dust piece on the end of the master cylinder became caught between plunger and the end of the cylinder so not to allow the plunger to fully seat after you lift your foot from the brake. This over time allowed the fluid to leak but the fluid leaked inside the drivers compartment around the pedal assembly and onto the carpet. The carpet became saturated with half of the brake fluid from the reservoir and ruined the carpet, paint, pedal assembly. The fluid allowed the pan to begin rusting and the aluminum to start to corrode. It gummed up over time while sitting and just gummed up the works. It will be hell to clean but it should still be OK. I will need to replace the main hard line that goes through the vehicle that was just under the carpet and the brake line began rusting too. Not a safe thing. I may even have to replace the rear wheel cylinders on both wheels. I will also check the condition of the brake shoes in the back. It looks as though the brake line for the rear has been dry for quite some time. I am making good headway. Rear brakes come apart tomorrow. Ordering new carpet but it must be all clean and dry before I put any new carpet in the car. Then I will need to either get the seats recovered or replaced with different seats.

Pete :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


UPS came late and I got my brakes from Airkewld this evening. It was like after 7pm that they arrived. I was told that the only thing that was not shipped was the lug nuts. Custom lugs are backordered. No problem. I can use the stock lugs for now. I can now get the front brakes done. Being a crappy customer service business I can say the quality is top notch. I got every thing correct the first time but it took a bit of time. They did custom make the rotors and hubs. They are made at the time of the order and very few are kept in stock. It is a small business and they are at the mercy of others. So I now have a new custom aluminum hub and custom rotors and willwood brake calipers. They are twin pistons one on each side and not too large. Plenty of stopping power and I can upgrade if needed. Too bad I can't get the old pads relined. I am still going to try. I will do some video of the install. It is raining pretty hard but I can do most of the work in the car port. I have two days to do the work including installing a new master cylinder and main line. New pedal assembly will be put in as will a cruiser pedal. I own an original cruiser pedal that I want to use. Now I get to use it.

I am so stoked that the parts finally arrived. I will get some photos in the morning and post them. Top notch all the way. I am a happy camper now. New bearings too. So off to the auto parts store for some quality wheel bearing grease.

Pete :)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Testing a Kaylor Motor/Adaptor Setup

Well we started once again the testing of the Kaylor Motor with ours software modified Kelly SepEx controller. We did a bench test in the last Ghia I had but sold because someone wanted it badly. We now have it installed in a 66 Bug. The bench test of the Regen function worked great. Now to street test this puppy. I did remove all that crappy black paint off the body of the motor. It is being prepared for painting.

Pete :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

EVCCON Revisited

Here is a nice video on the event.


Friday, March 16, 2012

Bad Series

My new front brake assembly is on its way. Shipped out today. Hope to have it all installed within a week or so depending upon how fast it gets here. I might get lucky and have it here by Tuesday and if thats the case I will have it installed by Thursday evening. Took some video yesterday of the engine before we remove it so we can sell it to some kid that needs a good VW engine for their project. Selling it as a turnkey engine. Can't wait to get the brakes done and I will  install them before we remove the engine. I want to take the vehicle out for a spin first. 

I can't say I am thrilled by the customer service and speed of getting parts to the customers. Can't quite get a grip on their policy but it seems kinda screwy to me. Quality is known to be good but others have reported not getting the proper parts the first time out but they do get it right eventually. I just hope mine is right from the start. Rotor hubs are not kept in stock but custom made after each order. Makes for slow delivery. Ouch. They say they won't rush an order and will only do the orders in the order in which they are received and paid.