Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cleaning & Scrubbing

I have been cleaning and scrubbing the transmission horns on my Roadster. Damn junk is like glue. It takes some pretty powerful toxic stuff to bust through that grease. It is not even that thick but boy does it stick. I must wear protective disposable gloves for this job. Should be done tomorrow. Then I can remove the axles and put them on the new transmission. I even have original non split transaxle boots. Much better than after market bolt together split transaxle boots. It will all be black for a nice hidden look. No need for chrome here. Seats go in this weekend too. Son is coming in the morning to lend a hand for a bit tomorrow. Excellent. 4 hands will help a bunch.

Pete :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Making Headway

My Truck is done for now. Just going to keep tabs on its performance and will be hooking up the 5th wheel for another mountain run. Time to see how well it pulls the hills and how hot it gets. Hopefully not like before. Now I can monitor my EGTs and Boost. Might need to turn down the fuel a touch. A piece o cake for my son.

Got my Leaf serviced today. Tire rotation and cabin air filter replaced. Fluids checked. Software update installed. Other than that it is just fine. Still getting my usual 70 to 75 miles per charge at between 55 and 60 mph. Just over 16,000 miles on the clock. :)

Got the transmission removed from the roadster. The drivers side wheel cylinder was toast. Someone drove this poor thing with seriously bad brakes and the drivers side was just coated with brake fluid and the shoes worn down to the metal. Ouch. At least I have another set of drums and new shoes and wheel cylinders to go in. Looks like I may go for replacing the rear hard lines as well as the soft. It will then have all new brakes all around. That is good. So I need to install axles and tubes for the new transmission. The tubes are side specific. Don't put them in backwards.

So new brake lines are needed to finish the rear. I may even get new springs for the rear drums. New bearings might be in order too. You know how it goes. Start with good intentions of just doing a little of this and a little of that and before you know it you have a whole new car. :)

Leaf vs Versa

No comparison except maybe the weenie port windows you find in the Versa and Leaf. The Leaf is by far the better of the two and in my opinion would not even consider a comparison. It is more of an Insult to compare the Leaf to a Versa. The Versa just plain SUCKS. Engine is a little peppy and touchy from the line but beyond that it is a weenie engine that gets crappy fuel mileage. It feels CHEAP. I do not get that with the Leaf. Sure the Leaf is no Mercedes but it is far from being a Versa. I had to take my Leaf in for it's 15,000 mile check up. Tire rotation, air conditioner filter change, checks and a software update. Beyond that I am still getting pretty much the same distances I did when I first got the vehicle. I drive mostly between 55 and 60 mph. I do sometimes go faster if I know I am not going to be needing to take it for a long drive at high speeds. It is a spritely car and leaves the Versa in the dirt in just about all aspects. We have hot temps here in the range of 100 and 113 degrees and we leave our vehicles out in the baking sun during the work day. I don't know what the deal is with the Leafs that are  getting less distances but no problem here.

Nissan just called and said my car is ready to pickup. Good. I will be more than happy to return the Versa.

Pete :)

So if you know someone with a Leaf, please don't refer it as an electric Versa. It would be a slap in the face. I am quite sure it is the same with the Volt and Focus. I'd say the Focus is an electric Focus but the Volt is NOT an electric Cruze. Not even close.

I know right now where you can pick up a used but nearly NEW Leaf for $27000. Gee. For the price of a normal car you can OWN a very slightly used Leaf. White. Put on a Black Bra and your sportin.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Ordered my 200 AMP 3 phase Rectifier for my Charging project. I will not have these in time for EVCCON but I will have a small low voltage version up and running. In other words I will charge at normal rates vs fast but it will be with no external charger or extra charger on board. I will charge directly from my controller but from normal 110 AC outlets. Should have at least a 30 amp circuit. I am building the small circuit components box this weekend. Should have it tested before we remove the battery pack from the Bug.

Working on removing the transmission from the Roadster. Tomorrow that will happen.

Picked up the seats today. They are actually darker in color than expected but they will do for now. They are in excellent condition. Need to build a base to bolt the seat slider to and allow for the seats to be raised from the floor to a good position. I am going to mount the seats a bit further back than stock so I can have good leg room. Will still have excellent space for cells. I actually have more than enough space for my pack.

 Next I need to build a dedicated circuit of 110 volts and 200 amps to feed my fast charge system.

Pete :

Bringin the House

We have been getting ready for the trip and my son helped get more power to the Diesel Truck since this particular model and year was designed more for fuel mileage than raw power. They gave it only 180 HP. We are now nearer the 250 HP in the beast so we can Tow the Beast easier.

So it's EVCCON or BUST.

I searched for a toyhauler that would hold my full length VW Roadster but most all the toyhaulers have tiny garages or tie down platforms for hauling the toys. Some of the early models actually had much larger spaces but at a cost of sleeping areas. That would just not do. So I kept searching and we found a largish hauler with full RV comforts and a 14' long garage area. No it is not a fully inclosed garage like many have today but we needed the floor space. Remember I am not hauling quads.

Anyway we took the Beasties up to Tahoe for a shake down run and the RV Toy hauler is good to go. It is a triple axle affair with electric brakes on all 6 wheels. It is a 5th wheel hauler and tows great.

Truck is a 98 Dodge 2500 Cummins Turbo Diesel quad cab 2X
The 5th Wheel is a 99 Dune.

Monday, August 20, 2012


Well, it's been some time since I updated but I have been busy. My son has been over getting my Diesel Truck ready for the trip to EVCCON this Sept. We are going to double team it to do some finishing work on the Roadster but it still won't be fully done. I have a new charge setup that is being built so I can charge from any AC source. Yes, even an AC generator. I can do any DC source now but since AC is available in more places it is advantageous to use that medium instead. It is hoped to have the two combined so I can do either AC or DC without any changes. Just flip a switch and pick what is available.

What I have been busy with besides getting ready for EVCCON is getting ready to teach at our local College. Our college has a Nationally Accredited Xray Program of which I graduated from and I will be teaching the second year students. 44 students in my class this semester. Ouch. I have never done this with such a large group. It's pretty cool. If all goes well I my teach full time within the next few years.

Ok, back on track. My transmission slated for my Bus will be put into the Roadster instead. It will be better suited for that. I have a brake line to replace and some wheel cylinders and rear shoes and drums. All I have but just need installed. My son will help there.

I also found this evening a perfect set of seats for the Roadster. I was hoping for black or white but when I found these it was a must have. They are red leather bucket seats that will just fit right at home. I know its a lot of red but I think it will be right. It  feels right. Been hunting for some time now so it is not just a whim. Price is right.