Friday, September 19, 2014

Baby is Home

Towed my Roadster home yesterday. Now is time to figure out the best layout of all the components to keep things clean and tidy. It may take some time because I need to do this only once. In the motor compartment will pretty much be the controller and motor. Everything else will reside elsewhere. I hope to have some goodies up front in the storage box next to the battery box. I will need to do this DC DC thing so I think I will set it up in that box. Away from the motor and controller. Photos are from the iPhone this morning but better will be coming later. I am going to do a movie and will show what will be in the compartment and what will be behind the compartment. All main wiring will be routed behind the aluminum out of sight. I will still do a clean zip tie job on the wiring. I don't want excess wires showing. I will ask for help in the design. You can all participate in making this a truly one of a kind build. I think I may counter sink the bolts and replace them with flush mount stainless phillips head so the whole thing looks smoother and cleaner. I won't be grinding all the welds.

What do you all think so far?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Roadster UpDate

I have a few more photos of the work being done on the Roadster. Battery boxes built but still will need a good polishing job to make them look real good. Motor compartment is being worked on at this time. More pictures to come. They finished the panel work so now I need to get things mounted and when thats done, polished. I also need to paint the car but that will be later. First is fitment and wiring. All the compartment panels and battery boxes are fully removable so I can finish the body work and paint. But we will put it together and try out the full power of the controller and motor with the large high voltage battery pack before we polish and prep for paint. I want it at least ready for the Spring Bug-O-Rama even if its not painted yet. It will be fully drivable again soon.