Friday, March 29, 2013


I got my motor installed today in the roadster. I had to order some mounting studs for the adaptor so I could fit the motor with the new transmission. The old hex bolts no longer fit on the bottom mount holes. The new studs worked wonders. The studs are grade 10 and I also had some grade 10 washers to mount with them. It was a slick install. Took a bit to get it lined up but got it done. Now to get some tranny oil installed and do some brake adjustments. Time to start getting the battery area ready. Still lots to do. Now that I have some day light in the evening on the car port I can actually do some things. I decided to take my studio lights to the car port and see if I can do a video. Well it worked and it also gave me some killer light. Way better than any drop light and the lights are not hot either.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Well I got my replacement EVSE from SPX and now have it installed and working. As you know the previous EVSE started to require a reset before I could charge. Then it just stopped and would not allow me to rest anymore. It just quit. I let them know and what do you know. It failed just a bit after the warranty expired. Well, they decided to honor the warranty because it failed so close to the warranty expiring. I received my replacement and got it connected. The old one will be returned so they can try to figure out what happened. It worked great till just a few weeks ago. Never let me down till then. There was only a little bit of difference in the plug vs the old one that was replaced. I hope this one lasts a good long time. It is designed for full outdoor use and the components are fully potted and protected from corrosion. I am going to ask for a new sticker for the top of the EVSE. It gets ruined when you must reopen the unit. They stuck on the sticker before sending it to me and I had to remove it to gain access. Sucks but at least I now have my nice EVSE back. They did however increase their price and because of that you may want to find another source. You could make your own. For now I will use these because I did pay for them already. Had they not honored the warranty I was just going to build my own. Now at this time I don't have to go to those extremes.

Pete :)

Range Test Fiat 500E

Just had to post this for you all. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Convert Me

Convert Me project. Another EV project from the Guys Down Under. A 5 part series, a must watch. One more to the fleet of world wide electric car conversions.

Watch Episode 1

EV Builders Presents Convert Me Episode 1 from EVBUILDERS on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Nano Tubes

Amazing things. Excellent work at Rice University. Would be interesting to see a small motor built from this stuff. I'd be willing to rewind a small motor for testing.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Got the word from SPX that they have a NEW unit on the way to replace my unit. I am a happy camper. I will be sending them the unit I have that is bad. Now that is service. They said they will be testing the unit before sending it out. My unit did work from the box when I got it but just crapped out in just over a year. I hope the new one lasts longer. Regardless. I am stoked at the service and speed in which they decided to rectify the issue.

Thank you SPX.

Pete :)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

EVSE Cont.

Well today the SPX EVSE stopped resetting. I have contacted the company but have had no further communications since Thursday. I am hoping they will send me a new one. I pulled out my other EVSE that sometimes works and since its working I will use it to charge my beastie. If I get no help from SPX because of warranty issues I will just build my own. Be aware that spending even $700 for one of these to only last just a few months past the warranty period is totally not acceptable. If they honor the warranty because of the failure so close to the warranty ending I will be a happy camper. Regardless, be aware that spending that for such a short time is really a ripoff. Such short planned obsolescence is just crap. These should last an easy 10 plus years or longer. For what they are the costs are pretty crappy. I do support the need for the smart EVSE with the J1772 plug but for that kind of money the savings I am seeing will just be nil soon. I can't imagine paying $2k for one let alone $700 for one that won't even last 2 years.

Does any one have plans for building one? I pretty much have the plugs and cables. I have a box and need the smarts only.  I am sure I can do this with little trouble.

Pete :)