Saturday, March 2, 2013

EVSE Cont.

Well today the SPX EVSE stopped resetting. I have contacted the company but have had no further communications since Thursday. I am hoping they will send me a new one. I pulled out my other EVSE that sometimes works and since its working I will use it to charge my beastie. If I get no help from SPX because of warranty issues I will just build my own. Be aware that spending even $700 for one of these to only last just a few months past the warranty period is totally not acceptable. If they honor the warranty because of the failure so close to the warranty ending I will be a happy camper. Regardless, be aware that spending that for such a short time is really a ripoff. Such short planned obsolescence is just crap. These should last an easy 10 plus years or longer. For what they are the costs are pretty crappy. I do support the need for the smart EVSE with the J1772 plug but for that kind of money the savings I am seeing will just be nil soon. I can't imagine paying $2k for one let alone $700 for one that won't even last 2 years.

Does any one have plans for building one? I pretty much have the plugs and cables. I have a box and need the smarts only.  I am sure I can do this with little trouble.

Pete :)

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