This controller has been designed to be one of the most versatile on the market. It can be used in all sizes of on-road and off-road electric vehicles utilizing systems from 24~180 volts, with an adjustable current limit up to 750 amps.
The DC750 is high side topology which offers reduced motor and brush corrosion risk over less expensive controllers. Also the power stage is fully isolated from the control wiring thereby reducing shock hazard. The CAN communication system is also fully isolated to ensure noise free real time communication. This feature rarely exists on other controllers.
Another feature that sets the DC750 apart is the user interface. Advanced microprocessor technology allows reprogramming or recalibration of the system while installed, via the Synkromotive interface (SMI). The Synkromotive interface also allows the user to view data in real time, in both text and graphical formats. In addition, the on-board flash memory provides a nonvolatile backup of all system parameters and settings.
The charge control is useful if you don’t already have an EV charger. It allows you to use a common DC power supply or stationary battery pack to precisely charge your pack. This is a patented feature of the Synkromotive controller. It also allows very fast controlled charging from one vehicle to another.
The controller's fuel gauge output feature allows some conversions to use the original fuel gauge as an AH gauge. With an electric vehicle the fuel/AH gauge seems to be the most important meter after the speedometer/odometer. A voltage gauge alone is not nearly as meaningful particularly with lithium batteries.
Besides doing the required bench test and burn in, Synkromotive motor controllers are frequently vehicle tested before shipping to a customer. 

DC Controller
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