Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My little Custom VW is back at the shop. My Son was able to do some work but his shop work was priority. So he was unable to get very much done this past 6 months. But I now have the car over at Rusher Electric and they are putting in aluminum door panels and back firewall aluminum panel. That panel will be set off and removable an the controller and components will be mounted for a clean look. Again, It will be 192 volts and 850 amps worth of CALB SE 100ah cells. The Leaf Module cells will go in the Bus. My trailer charger generator is still going to move forward but I took a winter off. Plenty of things to update for my inverter and I may even put an inverter in the Bus to power the AC motor Im putting in the Bus. I will be building another inverter but with better IGBT modules.