Wednesday, May 18, 2016

1970 Ghia

Ghia is home. These are pretty cool little cars but you know they still require you to climb into them. So with that I may just use this one to make money to get more for the Bus project. I can turn this around quickly and make some good cash. It is solid and rust free and accident free. Mostly original and 98,624 original miles. Yes, thats right, less than 100,000 miles. Runs great and will be a good collector item. I'll drive it as a gas vehicle for awhile then sell. I should be able to get at least a 3k profit. From what I have been seeing I may even get more. All I need to do is clean it up. A good bath and polish and a good vacuum and air this sucker out. Smells like an old VW. I still have a few more items to pickup for this fine little vehicle.

Im sending out the AC-35 to HPEVS for an upgraded end plate so I can mount the motor to the standard adapter. This motor has the wrong front end plate so they said they will put on the proper one and check out the motor. They are also going to upgrade the software on the controller for me. I'll need to get a computer dongle and software so I can program the controller properly. I'll pay it.

I had thought about converting the Ghia but I'm having second thoughts on that. The Bus has lots of room and that is what I need. Im a big guy and being 6'2" with long legs makes it harder to do the tiny car. Like that 914 I recently had I realized it was a tiny cramped car for big/tall people. Nice vehicles but still small. I do like that the 914 and the Ghia are both wide so there is plenty of width room. If I could move the seat back a bit more like two notches I'd be good to keep it for a conversion.

So now, I head off to the DMV to get it registered and insured. Then I can start driving right away.

Pete :)

Sunday, May 8, 2016

1970 Ghia

Found a nice solid all original 1970 Ghia with no rust. Its original white but has had some spots over the years repainted. But over all the vehicle never had a full body paint over. It needs a replacement dash and rubber all around and new seat covers but the car is original and solid. Has the original running engine too. Not a replacement engine. Looks like a solid project for an upcoming replacement for my Nissan Leaf. I may just have to put a DC setup in my Bus and put the AC-35 into the Ghia.