Thursday, May 7, 2015

Motor Inverter Generator Project update/recap

I have been working hard on getting the inverter back running again and to find the right changes to to tweak the software to allow the motor to work smoothly. There are still some issues to deal with but for now I am a happy camper. I did find out that the encoder is working just fine on both outputs and its outputting a clean Square Wave. The motor is smooth and quiet and should do just fine. Some more voltage and amperage and connect to a Diesel Engine and try to do some charging outputs into a small pack. Start small and go big. Im happy that I have gotten this far.

So lets see, I screwed up my inverter by connecting it to the power backwards. Fried a few caps and fried an Olimex board. I was not having any luck getting back together but I finally did. Got the new caps soldered in and tested it all. Got the inverter to work and set some parameter and the motor jumped off the table. Got that done but changed the parameters to default and forgot what I did to make it jump. Its now strapped down just in case. You know, it would have made a good video seeing that jump off the table. Oh well. Mucked up another Olimex board. During all this I built another main processor board and purchased a couple Olimex boards. Oops, the boards don't have software. Oh man, now I have to learn how to do that. More hair loss. Its bad enough I don't have much more to begin with. So with the help of Johannes Huebner I was able to get this done. One programmer and using two OS systems to get it done and it works. It took a bit to get the parameters right but the motor spun up slow and clunky. Could not get it to go fast and without the clunk. But it was a noise issue with the encoder. To the point where it could have been just a bad encoder. Nope, it was me. I had the motor and inverter driven off the same battery pack. Lots of noise. I pulled out my Vicor Megapac desktop power pack. I have the inverter powered from a 12v module plugged into the Megapac. Works great except the cooling fan noise. But it keeps things alive. So with that I now get a clean square wave output and can be seen on the O-Scope. I did have to figure out how to connect up the scope as it too is a new thing for me. But I see the benefit in having one. It helped to see the problem and with the change in how I powered the inverter it showed a change so the inverter could operate properly. I do still have a long encoder cable. It will be cleaned up later but for now on the bench it will be just fine. So now I am at a point where I need to get the motor connected to my Diesel Engine for a load test. I'll use the motor to drive the diesel engine then use the engine to drive the motor.

So here is my latest video.

A good clean square wave Encoder Output. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Solar Inverter

Well don't I feel like a dope. Our inverter had gone off line last month and it had a frequency error code. I had checked every possible place to check including the breaker panel. I did not look close enough and found one of 4 breakers thrown. It had not moved much and I missed it altogether. I had even picked up an Auora 6kW inverter to replace the SunnyBoy inverter. Well, resetting the breaker put it back on line. So my inverter purchase was not really needed. I will however keep it because I know the other one will crap out some day. The Aurora is a non transformer inverter so I hope it will be much better or maybe I can get a few more 200w panels and make another 7kW system and put up another system to give us a 14kW solar array. Good thing is I did not have to replace the inverter that I had thought was screwed up again. I have learned an expensive lesson.

I need to build a nice ground mount system.

Pete :)

Motor Inverter part 2

There was some headway but not a great deal. Looking at the parameters and trying everything. Lots to play with. Some things are not connected so not an issue right now. Trying to smooth it out and trying to get the regen back.

Pete :)

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Motor & Inverter

Well, well, well. I finally got the inverter fixed and got the inverter re-programmed. Now I can re-program if any updates come available. There was one thing stumping me and that was the emergency stop function. It kept coming up as zero and it needs to be a 1. 1 means the inverter has not been stopped and is good to go. The original inverted I purchased did not have that wire connected and it needed to be connected to a high voltage of 7 volts or higher. God only knows how it ever ran with that always being in emergency stop mode. The wire was never connected at all. So, I got it connected now to 12 volts to keep it high. No need for an emergency shut down. Well, maybe I can setup a 12 volt switch and use that for a table top emergency shut down if I happen to have to shut it down fast. That should be an easy thing to wire up. So with that, I was able to get the motor to run again and even run in Start Mode 2 which I was never able to do before. I now have to re-charge my battery so I can do some more testing. Its on the charger now and happily charging at 15 amps. Once I have that done I will need to get the inverters heat sink working. Its a water cooled sink and it got hot doing a bit of running at 37 amps. Now to move along and set some parameters to tweak the inverter to the motor. Im only running 12 volts so that will have to change soon. I need to get a good 12 volt pump for the cooling system. Time to hit Jack up for one of his pumps for folks who have water cooled sinks. So I did a quick video with the motor running albeit roughly in Start 1 Mode and Start 2 Mode. I am moving forward once again and have learned a crap load of stuff about flashing a chip with software. It took a bit but I got through it with the help of Johannes Huebner.

Pete :)