Curve of the planet.

Here is the clip of the horizon from the rocket clip. It clearly shows a curved horizon. Its a small area showing from position of the camera. The dead stop is when the rocket fuel stopped and the rocket began its decent back to the ground. What looks like a dead stop is not, its falling but no longer buffeting from the force of the rocket. That is why its so smooth and calm. Its the point where it reaches its peak altitude and then begin its fall. For a brief moment it is pretty much suspended then it begins its fall back. As for the Horizon, the horizon will never be below the eye. The eye is the vantage point of reference.

72 miles up is nothing compared to the circumference of the Earth. Its no wonder we see such a slight curve. People think

GoPro is the best for these shots. No. GoPro is not fisheye. Its wide angle. There is a huge difference.

The red line is a straight line. There is curvature. 

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