Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Solar Inverter

Well don't I feel like a dope. Our inverter had gone off line last month and it had a frequency error code. I had checked every possible place to check including the breaker panel. I did not look close enough and found one of 4 breakers thrown. It had not moved much and I missed it altogether. I had even picked up an Auora 6kW inverter to replace the SunnyBoy inverter. Well, resetting the breaker put it back on line. So my inverter purchase was not really needed. I will however keep it because I know the other one will crap out some day. The Aurora is a non transformer inverter so I hope it will be much better or maybe I can get a few more 200w panels and make another 7kW system and put up another system to give us a 14kW solar array. Good thing is I did not have to replace the inverter that I had thought was screwed up again. I have learned an expensive lesson.

I need to build a nice ground mount system.

Pete :)

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