Friday, March 29, 2013


I got my motor installed today in the roadster. I had to order some mounting studs for the adaptor so I could fit the motor with the new transmission. The old hex bolts no longer fit on the bottom mount holes. The new studs worked wonders. The studs are grade 10 and I also had some grade 10 washers to mount with them. It was a slick install. Took a bit to get it lined up but got it done. Now to get some tranny oil installed and do some brake adjustments. Time to start getting the battery area ready. Still lots to do. Now that I have some day light in the evening on the car port I can actually do some things. I decided to take my studio lights to the car port and see if I can do a video. Well it worked and it also gave me some killer light. Way better than any drop light and the lights are not hot either.

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