Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Diggin for Quarters

Diggin for quarters to get that good deal. Shoppin around to find the best price. You know, most of us need to do just that. Yes, there are many who can just go out and spend willy nilly and not give a hoot about cost but that is really the exception. But you know if one can save $20 here and there and a buck here and there the pennies really add up. If you happen to be in the camp of having to shop around and try to save a buck to help in that purchase of your lithium batteries then so be it. It is no big deal to see what the coolest thing happens to be and then go out and price the components elsewhere and if you can get them all for less then by all means do so. It is really nice to have a one stop shop but there is no place that can do the best price and be a one stop shop. I penny pinch and dig for those quarters to fund my project. I also go shopping in every corner I can find to get the best deal. I look for new and used. Many times I come up with good used parts that will fulfill the required needs. Instead of paying $1600 for a motor I paid $600. I did have to pay for a new adaptor but the savings I found purchasing a good used motor helped pay for that adaptor.

I shop, barter, sell and buy to get what I need. It is a skill that would help many with their project and one that could allow them to build a reasonable electric car. Diggin for quarters in its self can be a wonderful hobby. Bust out your detector and start sweeping. Much of the time you will come up with pop tops but once and awhile you do find a little gem. Keep going because you never know when your hard work will pay off.

Don't get me wrong, building an electric car conversion is expensive but you can ease the pain in the pocket with frugal shopping whether you shop for new or used. Frankly I like new and get new when I can. Like the little JDL gauges with shunt and dc dc isolater from EVTV for $175 vs DIY for $107. That $70 bucks can go a long way towards buying one LiFePO4 Cell. That is a little shy of being able to buy one 60AH CALB cell. You know, I'd much rather save enough to help me afford just one more battery for my pack vs spending without care. A convenience store is NOT the place to do business in BULK. Its fine for the occasional slurpee or soda but not for all of your components.

The convenience store is all about spending the mighty buck. Not about saving the almighty buck.  So go shop around. There are plenty of deals to be made but know what you need and price things out first.

Be smart when you shop. The convenience store is not always the smartest choice. Some times its the perfect choice, but most often not.

Pete :)

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