Friday, April 26, 2013

Moon Disc

Moon Disc's for my Roadster. Woo hoo. Finally got my rims ordered and will be picking them up this next week. Since I could not find a good set of Centerlines for my Roadster I opted to get a set of narrow stock rims that have been blasted and double powder coated in black with Duz Fastened Moon Disc's for them. I think it will be a much better look anyway. Not cheaper but better. Damn Centerlines for the Wide 5 bolt pattern on the original Bug are nary impossible to find. Can find plenty of 4 lug Centerlines. My Roadster is Red but black rims will do just fine as the tiny bit that will show will just blend into the tire since the Moonies pretty much cover the whole rim. Makes for a nice smooth wheel for that Roadster look or Bonneville Salt Flat runner look. With the Duz fasteners I know I won't loose my caps from the roads around here.

Love the look of the Moon Caps.

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