Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Guess-O-Meter Strangeness

Well today I had to go into Oroville near where I work. I actually drove a bit more than I normally do on a daily basis. The car was fully charged and outside temps were at 66 degrees. Once the weather gets to around 65 plus degrees in the morning I still usually only get about 70 miles from my daily commute and that is driving pretty consistently at 57 mph. Last week the starting temps were just as warm and the temps coming home were nearly the same as well and I got according to the Guess-O-Meter a total of 69 miles. Mmmmm. Hows that. Some days when it was colder I would get that or better like maybe 72 miles. Well today I got much better and drove faster. I got 82 miles total. Very interesting. I drove into work at 58 to 60 mph and drove home at 58 to 63 mph. I once thought that maybe it was just speed then cold then, who the heck knows.

Regardless of the BS of the Guess-O-Meter, I was amazed that I was still able to get this kind of mileage after 2 years of driving and over 23,000 miles on the clock. Seems like I have no real issues with the battery. It just has no clue how to show the information that would be truly usable for me. Sorry Nissan but you still need to do better. Still love the car and drive it all the time.

Just glad to see these kind of miles on a daily commute.

You can see my little Roadster in the one pic. :)

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