Monday, April 8, 2013


Wow. Mike and Matt have done a bang up job with the VW conversion using the AC-50 setup. Starting with a restored VW from a customer they have done a very nice and clean conversion. Detail is  the key to build a nice electric car. With performance of 0-60 in less than 9 seconds is in the same class of performance as I see in my Leaf. Now the VW is a much simpler vehicle but it is a timeless classic and one that is plenty in this country. What I like is that using the AC-50 and Curtis controller you actually have a low voltage system that requires the use of the transmission. Making it all the more viable for a daily driver electric car. This car is being used for show and go. One could build a good used VW as a daily driver without dumping in thousands in a restoration job but still be a real decent daily driver. With some detail work it would look and feel like it came from the factory that way. I had the privilege to drive Jack Rickard's VW based Kit cars with the AC-50 setup and felt it was good for the light weight fiberglass buggies. But it actually does perform quite well in the all steel bodied VW and as long as you know its not a RACE car it can be a real nice daily driver/commuter for many wanting an electric car. Now its a matter of getting the owner to get over the up front cost of lithium cells. Once that is done it should be an easy thing to do. Yes, some will want more power but many will be quite satisfied with this level of performance. I sure am with my Leaf. In a VW, it would be super.

I am glad to see some clean conversions coming out and being shown that have the AC-50 setup. Coming up with a quick setup for the VW is a great idea. Time to build the battery boxes clean and tidy. The motor/adaptor is the easy part. I have an idea for another type of battery box.

Good going guys.
Pete :)

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