Thursday, April 11, 2013

Playin with the camera

Been playing with my Canon using some old manual screw on lenses from the older Pentax cameras. Just got a new lens in today. It is a 55mm f1.9 lens and works great. Opens wide up. Only 6 blades so the blur is not so clean but with the aperture wide open it is great. The only problem is getting a good focus before you start video. Images are good. Going to mess with video tomorrow with the new lenses. Hoping for some good results. I need to set up a dummy for focusing then replace myself for the dummy. I usually use a broom. Works great.

Since there is a shallow field of view I need to focus and stay in that focus range. I could use a different lens but I will try later. I have a few other lenses to practice with. Maybe some green screen again too.

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