Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Stuff for Sale

Time to cull the herd. I have some stuff for sale. Been figuring out what I want to sell and what I want to keep.

Below is my list:

$2500 38 100ah Hi-Power Cells. The Hi-Power cells may be already sold but maybe not. Deals fall through the cracks sometimes.

$1000: The Synkromotive controller is the early production model and fully able to do 156 volts and 750 amps without skipping a beat. Fully configurable.

$400: The Elcon is a 120 volt setup for lead acid but can be changed to lithium if desired.

$ 1200: Warp9 and in excellent condition. No its not the new upgraded version that you can buy new for $1900.

$1200: The 9" GE that Jim Husted built with the BMW 2002 adaptor plate. Can't beat that price. Runs great.

$800: Another 9" GE with built in adaptor for the VW.

$250: 96 volt Quick Charge Select-A-Charge charger.

$450: 144 volt Quick Charge Select-A-Charge charger.

$300:  S-10 Adaptor Plate for the Older Style Kotov 11" motor with flywheel.


  1. As a guy just longing to start a first conversion, it's hard to imagine you having all this stuff as just left over parts. I am interested in(or at least curious about) the Synkromotive controller. What are the differences between this one and a new one and why did you quit using it? Did you upgrade or have you moved on to something different? You seem to promote them, but I don't see many guys using them on the EV sites. Why do you think they are good?
    I was also wondering what Kw is the Elcon and what would it take to change it for Lithium?

  2. Kevin,

    This is just stuff I have gathered over the years of messing around with electric cars. I have sold a few motors in the past and a couple controllers but those were not Synkromotive controllers. The only difference between this Synkromotive controller and the newest ones you can buy is the size of the fan to cool the unit. The upgraded fan was to allow you to go up to 192 volts and 900 amps. Other than that there is nothing different. I like them because they are in my opinion the best. Though not as powerful as the Soliton1 I feel they are superior because they are small, light, and need not further cooling setups and to date none that have been built have failed. These are just little powerhouses. I was a beta tester before they became public and our job was to do our very very best to break them. No matter how hard we drove them we could not get them to overheat or to break. For most applications they are just the best. The software can be updated to 192 volts but not to 900 amps with the smaller fan. That is how I have mine configured. I am selling it because it came with some parts I purchased and I do not need another. Can only use one at a time anyway since I only have one motor. The Elcon Charger is an Elcon 1500. The charger I use is an Elcon 3000.

    As for changing to a Lithium algorithm, I could not say but I suspect that you can call the guys at Elcon and ask. I am sure it would require you to send the unit to them so they can change it for you.

    Pete :)

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