Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tesla S Finally .......

Well I finally got my first ride in a Tesla S today. We had a First Responder training session at our local college so our First Responders could get a good look at some all electric cars. I brought my Leaf and a fellow (David) from Sacramento brought his Tesla S. It was more a mini show and tell than a First Responder session but maybe tomorrow will be more on task. The Tesla S will not be attending the session tomorrow. The Tesla S stole the day and was the most talked about of the electric cars. The other vehicles that were there were a Prius and another Nissan Hybrid. None of which were even looked at. They all looked and checked out my Leaf and the Tesla. I got to go for a spin with him in his Tesla and quite frankly I can say I have never been in a more elegant and powerful vehicle. This thing is just amazing. It is solid, quick, quiet and agile on its feet. For such a large vehicle it did not skip a beat and the pull is just outstanding from zero to 80 mph. It pulls hard all the way. Not like my Leaf that drops off the pull quite early. My Leaf is a weenie thing along side the Tesla S. The build of the Tesla is just astounding and if you want my opinion there is no other electric car or gas car on the road that can compare. None. If you think its expensive I can assure you that you will get your moneys worth with this vehicle. Hands down.

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