Monday, April 15, 2013

DC Diesel Power

Today I picked up a nice new micro diesel engine. I am going to connect my starter/generator motor to the diesel engine to produce a source of DC power I can take along with me to charge my little Roadster if there is a need. I chose diesel to cater to those who would like to see things stay cleaner and use more renewable sources of energy. It is not always possible to be in a place that has the power needed to charge an electric car. I plan on taking that with me. With a small DC generator that can produce 30 volts and up to 400 amps it is possible with our setup to charge our vehicle. As long as I have a DC source I can charge. The small DC generator and micro diesel engine using bio diesel or straight VO or clean WVO I can easily haul it with me with next to no excess weight.

This is a project that has not been actually tested but I plan on doing just that. If it works it will be a big step. If not we know what we can't do. I see no reason why we can't make it work. The diesel pumps out nearly 8 hp with with only a weenie 296 cc displacement. That is diesel power for you. This little sucker has a pull start or electric start. I will be needing an amp meter and volt meter and some way to turn on the field with at least 12 volts and some amperage. I will need to utilize a cooling fan for the motor. It will get hot. I decided on DC because DC is what our controller takes. If this thing pumps out enough I was even thinking of a way to disconnect the standard controller from the car and while driving have the generator running and pumping in 30 volts and what ever amperage it can produce directly into the motor and drive the vehicle that way. Not full power mind you but it could get you out of a jam. Or like I intend to do is just take a long break or maybe even a short break and do an 80% or so fast charge on my pack then jet off once again. Some may have some excellent words of wisdom and if it helps built this to completion and testing it will be much welcomed. I think it will be pretty simple. That is how I want it. Nothing complex.

Oh yeah, I got to play with my new lens for my Canon Camera. The lens does excellent in low light and has a nice depth of field. The lens is almost fully manual but on video I leave the aperture all the way open and the camera takes care of the ISO setting which adjusts for light or dark without changing the aperture. That is the cool thing about digital cameras. I can do that with another setting for actually taking photos. Or I can go full manual. I like semi-auto. Does nice and the focus is clean and sharp. No breaking the bank on these lenses.

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