Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Well I got my replacement EVSE from SPX and now have it installed and working. As you know the previous EVSE started to require a reset before I could charge. Then it just stopped and would not allow me to rest anymore. It just quit. I let them know and what do you know. It failed just a bit after the warranty expired. Well, they decided to honor the warranty because it failed so close to the warranty expiring. I received my replacement and got it connected. The old one will be returned so they can try to figure out what happened. It worked great till just a few weeks ago. Never let me down till then. There was only a little bit of difference in the plug vs the old one that was replaced. I hope this one lasts a good long time. It is designed for full outdoor use and the components are fully potted and protected from corrosion. I am going to ask for a new sticker for the top of the EVSE. It gets ruined when you must reopen the unit. They stuck on the sticker before sending it to me and I had to remove it to gain access. Sucks but at least I now have my nice EVSE back. They did however increase their price and because of that you may want to find another source. You could make your own. For now I will use these because I did pay for them already. Had they not honored the warranty I was just going to build my own. Now at this time I don't have to go to those extremes.

Pete :)

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