Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Ordered my 200 AMP 3 phase Rectifier for my Charging project. I will not have these in time for EVCCON but I will have a small low voltage version up and running. In other words I will charge at normal rates vs fast but it will be with no external charger or extra charger on board. I will charge directly from my controller but from normal 110 AC outlets. Should have at least a 30 amp circuit. I am building the small circuit components box this weekend. Should have it tested before we remove the battery pack from the Bug.

Working on removing the transmission from the Roadster. Tomorrow that will happen.

Picked up the seats today. They are actually darker in color than expected but they will do for now. They are in excellent condition. Need to build a base to bolt the seat slider to and allow for the seats to be raised from the floor to a good position. I am going to mount the seats a bit further back than stock so I can have good leg room. Will still have excellent space for cells. I actually have more than enough space for my pack.

 Next I need to build a dedicated circuit of 110 volts and 200 amps to feed my fast charge system.

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