Monday, August 20, 2012


Well, it's been some time since I updated but I have been busy. My son has been over getting my Diesel Truck ready for the trip to EVCCON this Sept. We are going to double team it to do some finishing work on the Roadster but it still won't be fully done. I have a new charge setup that is being built so I can charge from any AC source. Yes, even an AC generator. I can do any DC source now but since AC is available in more places it is advantageous to use that medium instead. It is hoped to have the two combined so I can do either AC or DC without any changes. Just flip a switch and pick what is available.

What I have been busy with besides getting ready for EVCCON is getting ready to teach at our local College. Our college has a Nationally Accredited Xray Program of which I graduated from and I will be teaching the second year students. 44 students in my class this semester. Ouch. I have never done this with such a large group. It's pretty cool. If all goes well I my teach full time within the next few years.

Ok, back on track. My transmission slated for my Bus will be put into the Roadster instead. It will be better suited for that. I have a brake line to replace and some wheel cylinders and rear shoes and drums. All I have but just need installed. My son will help there.

I also found this evening a perfect set of seats for the Roadster. I was hoping for black or white but when I found these it was a must have. They are red leather bucket seats that will just fit right at home. I know its a lot of red but I think it will be right. It  feels right. Been hunting for some time now so it is not just a whim. Price is right.


  1. Pete, do I gather that you're bringing the Roadster to EVCCON? That's great news! Can't wait to see it.

  2. Yes Fred, That is the plan. Time is getting short and I have lots to do in the next couple days. Swapping out a transmission, finishing the brakes. Picking up the seats today.

  3. I know, I have a bunch to do as well. Good looking seats!