Thursday, July 26, 2012

Synkromotive Update

Well I got some useful information back about the charging algorithm of the controller. It actually does do the CC/CV charge algorithm. What I saw the other day was that the voltage was at the level where it started the CV and the amperage was dropping. It was not that I had an empty battery but a full battery and the current was in the process of dropping before termination. So what I need to do is to lower the charge current due to the fact that the stationary pack is only 48 volts and we are trying to charge a 192 volt pack. So with that I will recharge the stationary pack and recharge the cars pack via the stationary pack at a lower current and monitor the charge and current so we have a graph of the charge. This is excellent. Much better than thought. The guys at Synkromotive do have other projects so this one takes some time to gather information for my needs.

Pete :)

I need to remove all my cells from my stationary pack and clean each battery. I need a piece of plywood on the base of the cart because if any acid leaks it is going to eat that metal of the cart. I need better covers for the cells. They leak out acid. Bummer.

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