Wednesday, July 18, 2012

156 Volts

Well I can assure you that 156 Volts is way better than 72 volts. I now have 49 cells in the Bug but I limited the volts to 120 volts for now and limited the amperage to 600. I took the car out for a spin and found that it just jumps to speed as any good old car. It actually does better than a stock VW Bug. I did the limiting this way to allow a full 120 volts to the motor when asked for but leaves a SAG PAD when accelerating. This way the motor really gets a full 120 volts. I will find out what the sag is then boost my limit to that voltage. That way I give the motor a solid voltage with no sag. If I only put in 120 volts worth of cells the car would not have performed as well as it did with 156 volts and limit to 120 volts. With only 120 volts at full throttle the sag would be pretty great so the motor would not be seeing a true 120 volts but the sag voltage. Tomorrow I will increase the voltage to 144 just to see how well it runs at that voltage but I do expect enough sag to actually provide a bit less than 144 volts. Thats OK. I will then do a fast or as fast as possible DC charge. I will be charging from a 48 volt pack to charge a 156 volt pack. Pretty cool actually. Won't be as fast a charge as when it was lower voltage but it will be from a stationary DC source. Next will be the AC charge routine. And once again, no extra charger. The controller is the charger. No extra pre-charge box needed.

Ever want to have a super simple but powerful system? Consider the Synkromotive Controller.


  1. How many amps does the Synkro motive pull? It looks like a nice simple controller.

  2. Jason,

    The current version will do 900 amps and 192 volts. It is no simpler than any of the other power house controllers available. It's jus small and light weight. Don't let it's size fool you. You don't need massive. It is also the only controller on the market that is also a high power charger.

    Pete :)