Friday, July 13, 2012

DC Pack and Plug

Got my DC pack set for 48 volts now and I also have the charge cables ready to go and have the plugs installed on the Bug ready for Fast DC charging of up to 100 amps and maybe even more. Hoping for 150 amps to stuff into the cars cells. There is enough to charge the pack once fully and fast. It is a demonstration of FAST DC charging at home with no extra charger on board. I have no AC charger on board either. Remember I said the Synkromotive controller is also the CHARGER. I can fast charge directly from any AC source or any DC source as long as the DC source voltage is less than the lowest voltage of the pack being charged. So with 48 volts I can charge a 156 volt pack. Nice. Testing and configuring with 72 volts first. It does work so my testing is only to get it up and running smoothly on my vehicle.

Pete :)

Photos and video soon. Work gets in the way some times. The price we pay for good full time work.

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