Thursday, July 5, 2012

Time to let the cat out

Synkromotive Controllers Rock. What would you do if you could charge your car in a couple hours vs 8 or more hours? What would you do if you could charge your car directly from a stationary DC Battery Pack? What would you do if you could charge directly from a generator? What would you do if you could Fast charge directly from your homes AC.

What would you do if you could do all this with no extra charger?

Well, you can. Synkromotive Controller is also a Charger. One which you can do directly from a DC or AC source. If you charge from a DC source the source needs to be less than the lowest voltage of the  pack being charged. AC charging should be done if you have a large voltage pack of around 156 up. You can charge directly from your 240 and if you dedicate a line you can fast charge up to like 100 amps.

You can also do normal charging speeds too. When you Fast charge you need to have cables that can handle the current. With this kind of current things can get hot.

I have been charging my Bug now with a 24 volt Deep Cycle Solar Battery Bank at 100 amps. I will be changing the voltage to 48 volts and charge again at a higher rate. The higher voltage of the stationary pack will allow you to charge at higher current with less heat and better efficiency.

We are planing on using a DC generator to allow charging while on the go. Not sure how fast we will be able to charge but we should be able to do at least 100 amps or at minimum 50 amps.

So you can have a sweet controller that has yet to have any troubles and one that can double as a charger too. The controller is not a heavy hunk of aluminum. There in no need. No water cooling issues either. Small foot print and fully configurable. Computer monitoring and logging.

DC750 Specifications
Input Voltage Range (Nominal): 24 volts to 180 volts Peak Battery Voltage (During Charging): 195 volts Maximum Motor Current: 750 amps
Maximum Loss: 1.5 KW

Switching Frequency: 20 kHz
Operational Safe Temperature Range: -10°C to 40°C Minimum Supply Voltage (Turn On): 11.7 volts
Off State Supply Current: 25 milliamps 

Dynamite does come in small packages. 

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