Friday, June 29, 2012

Throttle Adjusted

Well I posted before that I was unable to drive in 1st or 2nd due to such high torque. It was because the throttle cable was connected to my throttle lever on the top most connection hole which caused the throw to be quite short. After calibrating it all worked just fine but that torque issue was a problem. So I went back and reinstalled the cable to a lower connection hole on the lever so the throttle throw was much longer. I re-calibrated the controller to match the new throw and I can now drive in 1st, 2nd without the nasty wheel hop. I can smoke the tires easy in 2nd even with 72 volts. Top speed is still lame with 72 volts. That won't change until we get our voltage higher. We will be jumping to 185 volts but we still have a few more tests to perform before we go there. This sucker will be a screamer at 185 volts.

Pete :)

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