Monday, June 11, 2012

Ghia was another ....................

The Ghia was another pos. Decided to pass on the pos. Nice paint got ruined while sitting and not being taken care of and the front drivers side wheel well had a open area that allowed water to get into the heater channel which will and was starting to rust the rocker on the drivers side. The pan was clean and dry as was the rest of the vehicle but the nose was bumped at one point and the repair was garbage and bondo slathered on to cover it up. Not even a good smoothing job on that one. So there was major rust growing in the drivers rocker and a nose that was poorly repaired. It had rust and bubbles coming through in areas low on the body and that would mean a new repaint. Paint had oil spilled and that would soften the paint and ruin it over time. So I did not buy. Oh well. I look but nothing good. So forward with the Roadster and Bug. GE motor is still good. cleaning the casing and getting it ready for paint. Replaced a few externally rusty little bolts. Clean under but the surface is kinda rusty. Replacing with stainless.

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