Saturday, June 16, 2012

66 Bug

Kostov installed, ground issue resolved and another issue crops up. This time the 12v Aux lead Acid battery. My controller requires a minimum of 11.6 volts to operate. Below that it cuts off. When the battery is near that zone it cuts in and out and each time cuts out the contactor. Bummer. So I ripped out the lead and I am now charging my 12 volt 100 AH Hi-Power Lithium Aux Battery. Once charged I will install it and make another test. The car squeals real good in reverse. Jack Rabbits in second when I start from a dead stop. In third it jumps pretty good but goes flat real fast. So 72 volts is just as much junk with the Starter/Generator as it is with the Fat Kostov. So it is a must to have more voltage for any street driven car. 96 must be considered bare minimum for the street. It is not freeway capable with 72 volts.

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