Thursday, June 7, 2012

GE Motor

I got my GE motor back today. It was dirty and had some hoarders in the motor at one point and used it for holding a stash of acorns. It was not nearly as bad as I thought and upon further inspection the motor is in excellent condition. Needs cleaned and painted. Brushes and commutator look excellent and the motor runs very well. These motors have constant pressure springs unlike the Warp motors and ADC motors. Most of the other motors use arcing springs to hold the brushes and they are not constant pressure springs. GE puts them on all these motors. They are excellent springs. I would not want any other. So now I have tow GE Bradley GTE motors and this one is actually advanced. I think my other motor is a very early version of the setup as the end plate is not aluminum but steel but it is still very much the Bradley GTE motor. Being an early one the motor is not advanced. The one I have has an aluminum end plate and advanced brushes. So this motor will actually be much better at running at higher voltages. I am hoping to get some Helwig brushes for the motor. I will do some testing. I can now check temp and AH but I can't check RPM.

More good news. The person is going to sell me the Ghia after all. They just had to ponder the issue a bit and realize that it will really just sit around doing nothing for another 20 years. Best to let go and let some one else do something with it. I will let them see the vehicle after we are done. I need to find a color paint close to the color of the Ghia. Not sure if I can match it.

Have a look at the motor as I got it. 

As it looks now. Getting there. 

Constant pressure brush springs. A must have if you can.

Bradley Tag.

Adapter/End Plate. 
Specific to the old Air Cooled VW is is meant to retain the stock clutch. 
The flywheel end is only held with 4 dowel pins and single center bolt. 
Not designed for being a Hot Rod but a cruiser. 
You could Hot Rod the motor if you went with 8 dowel pins. 

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