Sunday, June 3, 2012

64 Ghia Again

Well I am at it once again. A 64 Ghia is coming my way. Going to use the coming GE motor for the Ghia. Looks like I will get the Ghia on the road right away. It is needing the carpet installed which comes with the vehicle and the seats are already done as is the paint job. I am getting a project that was abandoned but in excellent condition. So the current owner does not want to finish it. I do. It has been sitting in the garage for awhile and a bit dusty right now. Photos I have are not HD but good enough. So a  low cost GE motor made for VW and a low cost Ghia and a low cost Controller and Lithium cells. So lets see.

Motor/adaptor plus some other goodies: $800
Ghia with complete interior and exterior: $1500
Synkromotive Controller: $1600
100AH Hi-Power Lithium Cells: $3600
Custom Transmission: $1200
Custom Disc Brakes: $1200
DC DC: $120

So even with being frugal the cost to build a decent EV can still be expensive. $10,020. Costs add up quickly. I could trim some without the trans or brakes but those have already been purchased. This car will be 192 volts. I forgot to mention that I have a nice DC DC. No extra charger will be required. I can charge on wall power from low power to high power. I can charge from straight DC power and from any Solar Back Up. Working on J1772 for all of those. For now if I want J1772 I will need a separate charger. Ain't gonna happen until it is figured out.

Now to surgically piece it all together to make a nice daily driver EV to show off to everyone.

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