Wednesday, May 30, 2012

GE Motor

I have another 9" GE motor coming next week. It is one that came from a Bradley GT II. It is an original GE motor contracted by Bradley GT for their Line of Electric Cars back in the 80's. This is the third of the Bradley Motors I have seen. These are powerful lower voltage motors but they do not have a secondary shaft nor do they have an internal fan. This is actually nice because since there is no fan the armature is a bit longer than most 9" motors. I have seen other GE motors used for EV conversions and even had one that I sold. I think now I should have kept that one. Anyway GE motors are good conversion motors for any vehicle using a 9" motor.

I will clean it up and change the brushes and get it ready for the next VW it will power. Nice to find another one that did not get dumped somewhere to rot. These Bradley Motors come with a built in adaptor specifically for the old air cooled VW. The end plate is the adaptor. :)

Pete :)

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