Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A little on Synkromotive

Synkromotive Controller is also usable as a charger. It can use a stationary pack of batteries to charge from and routes that through the motors field windings to be used as an inductor. If you have like a 96 volt system you can use a 72 volt stationary pack to charge from. The controller will PWM the incoming power through the controller to keep the required voltage and current up so it will charge your pack. The closer the voltage of the stationary pack is to the cars pack the better but it must remain lower than the lowest voltage of your cars pack. So a 96 volt pack will be considered empty at 75 volts or 2.5 volts. So I can charge from a stationary pack that is 72 volts. If I charge from a lower voltage pack which it will do the amperage from the pack will be much higher as you go down in voltage size. So if you can match your stationary DC power as close to your pack requirements then your good to go. This is done with AC as well. AC works best like this too. Have a source like a dedicated 100 amp circuit and use that to charge from. Anyway by using the controller as a charger you gain an added benefit of not having to find a spot for a big heavy clunky charger to keep on board. It is huge to have that ability. This is how it will work for FAST charging which this controller is fully capable of doing.

It would be great to open up a charging station that offers both FAST Direct DC charging and fast AC charging. But with a large station the stationary pack will need to be huge. Remember some of the proposed vehicles that will be filled have huge kWh requirements and it needs to be pumped in fast. My  Leaf uses a 24 kWh pack. My Bug a 19.2 kWh pack. My solar panels put out a good 48 kWh daily. What would happen if I had a Tesla S with an 85 kWh pack. I could not charge that in a day with only solar panels unless I had a very large solar array. As it is I can charge not only my Leaf but my Bug as well. So if Tesla doe build some solar charge stations the size of the solar must be huge. It will require loads of space and it will create lots of shade.

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