Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cell Charging Complete

Well it took 5 hours at 15 amps to charge up 12 100 Ah cells to 3.5 volts per cell or 42 volts total for the pack. This resulted in a few cells in the 3.6 volt range and after resting all night I got a range of static voltages of 3.325 to 3.338 between the 12 cells. The highest voltage cell is my lowest capacity cell. I was unable to count AH's in because I do not have my meter for that hooked up yet on a test bench. I will connect it up in the car to check my total AH's of the pack. I am thinking that I will be at about 80 to 90 AH for the pack. The cells are not filled all the way and some I am sure will not hold a full 100 Ah anyway. These are used and abused Hi-Power 100 AH cells. But being such they are doing me just fine for what I am doing with them while testing the controllers and charging and such. I will have the Ah issue figured out soon. This afternoon we bump to 192 volts for a total of 60 cells.

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