Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bringin the House

We have been getting ready for the trip and my son helped get more power to the Diesel Truck since this particular model and year was designed more for fuel mileage than raw power. They gave it only 180 HP. We are now nearer the 250 HP in the beast so we can Tow the Beast easier.

So it's EVCCON or BUST.

I searched for a toyhauler that would hold my full length VW Roadster but most all the toyhaulers have tiny garages or tie down platforms for hauling the toys. Some of the early models actually had much larger spaces but at a cost of sleeping areas. That would just not do. So I kept searching and we found a largish hauler with full RV comforts and a 14' long garage area. No it is not a fully inclosed garage like many have today but we needed the floor space. Remember I am not hauling quads.

Anyway we took the Beasties up to Tahoe for a shake down run and the RV Toy hauler is good to go. It is a triple axle affair with electric brakes on all 6 wheels. It is a 5th wheel hauler and tows great.

Truck is a 98 Dodge 2500 Cummins Turbo Diesel quad cab 2X
The 5th Wheel is a 99 Dune.

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