Friday, March 30, 2012

Brakes Installed

Brakes installed and old master cylinder removed. Boy, its amazing how much damage old leaked out brake fluid can do over time. I found out this evening that the rubber dust piece on the end of the master cylinder became caught between plunger and the end of the cylinder so not to allow the plunger to fully seat after you lift your foot from the brake. This over time allowed the fluid to leak but the fluid leaked inside the drivers compartment around the pedal assembly and onto the carpet. The carpet became saturated with half of the brake fluid from the reservoir and ruined the carpet, paint, pedal assembly. The fluid allowed the pan to begin rusting and the aluminum to start to corrode. It gummed up over time while sitting and just gummed up the works. It will be hell to clean but it should still be OK. I will need to replace the main hard line that goes through the vehicle that was just under the carpet and the brake line began rusting too. Not a safe thing. I may even have to replace the rear wheel cylinders on both wheels. I will also check the condition of the brake shoes in the back. It looks as though the brake line for the rear has been dry for quite some time. I am making good headway. Rear brakes come apart tomorrow. Ordering new carpet but it must be all clean and dry before I put any new carpet in the car. Then I will need to either get the seats recovered or replaced with different seats.

Pete :)

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