Friday, March 16, 2012

Bad Series

My new front brake assembly is on its way. Shipped out today. Hope to have it all installed within a week or so depending upon how fast it gets here. I might get lucky and have it here by Tuesday and if thats the case I will have it installed by Thursday evening. Took some video yesterday of the engine before we remove it so we can sell it to some kid that needs a good VW engine for their project. Selling it as a turnkey engine. Can't wait to get the brakes done and I will  install them before we remove the engine. I want to take the vehicle out for a spin first. 

I can't say I am thrilled by the customer service and speed of getting parts to the customers. Can't quite get a grip on their policy but it seems kinda screwy to me. Quality is known to be good but others have reported not getting the proper parts the first time out but they do get it right eventually. I just hope mine is right from the start. Rotor hubs are not kept in stock but custom made after each order. Makes for slow delivery. Ouch. They say they won't rush an order and will only do the orders in the order in which they are received and paid.

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