Tuesday, March 27, 2012


UPS came late and I got my brakes from Airkewld this evening. It was like after 7pm that they arrived. I was told that the only thing that was not shipped was the lug nuts. Custom lugs are backordered. No problem. I can use the stock lugs for now. I can now get the front brakes done. Being a crappy customer service business I can say the quality is top notch. I got every thing correct the first time but it took a bit of time. They did custom make the rotors and hubs. They are made at the time of the order and very few are kept in stock. It is a small business and they are at the mercy of others. So I now have a new custom aluminum hub and custom rotors and willwood brake calipers. They are twin pistons one on each side and not too large. Plenty of stopping power and I can upgrade if needed. Too bad I can't get the old pads relined. I am still going to try. I will do some video of the install. It is raining pretty hard but I can do most of the work in the car port. I have two days to do the work including installing a new master cylinder and main line. New pedal assembly will be put in as will a cruiser pedal. I own an original cruiser pedal that I want to use. Now I get to use it.

I am so stoked that the parts finally arrived. I will get some photos in the morning and post them. Top notch all the way. I am a happy camper now. New bearings too. So off to the auto parts store for some quality wheel bearing grease.

Pete :)

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