Saturday, May 11, 2013


Thought you'd like to see the rims. I was originally pleased with them but did not take a good look at them before today. These rims are original so quite old and used. In my time I have seen many rims with deep rust gouges within and around the rims that I would just toss in the garbage. So much so that they are not in my opinion reusable and for sure not safe or able to hold the tire bead well. Though they are old there are still plenty of these Wide 5 Smoothie 15" rims around that one should be able to find enough for rebuilding and resale. I picked these up for my Roadster and just because they will be covered I am not please that two of the 4 were badly rust pitted and one of those was so bad I would have to actually use a tube because around the valve the rust pitting was real bad. So what does this person do? He takes that rusted hulk and as is blasts the rim clean and then welds on the moonie hub tabs to the rim and then powder coats it and sends it out the door as a finished ready to go product. At $162 bucks each that is unacceptable. Double that and its down right bull shit. Two of the rims are acceptable. I am sending off pictures to the guy and his company. This guy builds custom VW's for clients and I am a client. After this I do not plan on taking any of my needs to them. I will get these rims replaced but after that I am done with them. They are not professional if they allow this kind of garbage out the door.

Here is a good one:

Here is the worst one: The insides of the rim are just as important as the outsides. 

Click on the image to see the larger version. No way would a valve stem seal around this crap. 

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