Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Two rims are being replaced and being replaced without gripe or complaint. They are being very professional. I took the tires and rims to have the tires installed. The real bad rim is just flat out bad. The valve stem would not even stay on. The other rim actually had the hub cap tab welded right over the valve stem hole and after the valve stem was installed there was no way to to put air in. So only two tires were installed. Should have my replacement rims within the week. I purchased 4 145r15 tires but I think I am going to also order two 165r15 tires for the rear of the car. A tad wider. Pretty much the same size. These are not the LRR tires but I did find some real nice ones for a damn good price but they are 75 width size. Not terrible and not over $130 each.

So things are moving along. Still slow but moving. :)

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