Saturday, May 11, 2013

Firestone Tires

Well, yesterday I put an order in for my tires and low and behold I got them today. I did not even order next day shipping. Wow, that is super fast shipping. I ordered the tires through Summit Racing. So now my tires are in but I have two bum rims that I want to return. The tires are 145r15 and the stock size is 155r15. Many use 165r15 but I wanted the narrower tires and lower tires. So with that I will need to lower the beast to get the tires nice and sung under the wheel wells so it looks good too. This is just a cruiser so I am not looking at screaming performance. Just good old plain Firestone 145r15 Radials. I will however run them at 42psi.

Time to roll this beast :)

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