Thursday, May 22, 2014

Inverter progress (soldering)

Well, today I finally made an attempt to solder a single driver board. The PCB is a through hole design to make soldering easier. On the back side you will find your solder pads around the holes. Some are large oval in shape and some just tiny round things. Those large oval shaped pads are much easier to solder than the other tiny round thingies. I screwed up and can officially say my soldering techniques just suck. My iron is a 20w iron but heats up to 860F and is a great fit for my hands. I like the tiny size and ease of use. I tried to fix a couple cold solder joints only to have them screw up again. Not one of the oval pad joints went bad. Only those tiny little round types. I re-cleaned the area and shaft of the component to be soldered only to find it ball up on the shaft. I am thinking that there is no more solder on the pad. That would make for a hell of a time getting solder to stick to plastic. It sticks to the shaft just fine. Now how to figure out how to get more solder onto the pad so I can try yet again.

The technique if soldering is simple. I use narrow gauge rosin core solder and a fine point iron and heat the pad and post and then put solder on the opposing side to allow solder to flow into and onto the pad and post.

I keep the tip clean and tidy and tin as needed. I don't have solder removal wire but will be getting some today.

Any ideas and tips would be helpful.

Pete :)

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