Friday, August 12, 2011

Early Adopter?

Early Adopter Phase of Prius

I see Prius everywhere. Everywhere I look you can find new and old and still running strong. I remember when the Prius first came out and there were few. But now they are everywhere. I think the normal Early Adopter phase was sort of bypassed with the Prius. I don't really see it being a whole lot different with the new electric vehicles. I understand that the early adopter phase is a great generator of money and that if the early adopter phase was sort of bypassed then it would leave money makers out of the loop and they would balk. Like saying that this early phase of electric is at that point. I don't think so. I think there are many others willing but don't yet know. I keep asking everyone how many miles they drove the day before. The overall answer is that they may have driven 35 miles. I say, OK so then an electric car would work for you. They then say what about driving long distances? I say I take my gas car for those few times. My gas car has become my second car. The electric my main car. There is the environmental issues too. I think that even those that would not normally spend $32K on a car would do so for environmental reasons. It happened with the Prius and it has become an american Icon. Really. I tell folks that the Prius is really only a good aerodynamic vehicle with a good electric assist motor and for short runs can run on electric alone. It is nothing like what I have. Granted not the unlimited distances that gas allows but it will come and it will be just as easy and way cleaner.

I think the OEM electric car will work and will take off much faster than the normal early adopter phase of years gone by. Times have changed and are still changing  and changing very very fast compared to years gone by.

Pete :)

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