Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Well the MG has been sold but it was not as a turn key as I had hoped. The Kelly Controller crapped out and so I gave the buyer an option to buy without the batteries and controller. I did however leave the Zeva, RPM sensor and gauges, motor, adaptor contact switch and main cut off and fuse and shunt and much of the original cables to connect the pack from the rear to the front. They got a good deal and it is off to it's new home this evening. It has moved out of state. I hope to see it on the road again soon. The buyer wants to put in a good controller like my Synkromotive or Soliton1 JR. I still recommend the Synkromotive. But that is his option. He is also going to put in 120 volts of 160 AH cells that are better than the Hi-Power I had in the MG. So I still have my controller and charger and I still have my old DC DC too. I hope to have the Kelly Back with a reason for the blown cap. I can't imagine it was my fault as it was the easiest controller I have ever seen to connect besides my old GolfTech 72 volt 550 amp controller. Which as far as I know is still being used today with it's huge heat sink and fan. Anyway I never intended to keep the MG anyway but I had hoped for a better sale. I did not loose any money and I got some excellent time on lithium batteries. It has been quite educational and I still have the Bus and Buggy to work on. Bus is coming along slowly. I purchased Safari Windows and a half length roof rack for the Bus. Going to pick those up in the next day or so.

I hope to have at least the Buggy going soon so I can still play with my lithium cells but I will be able to do so with my fat Kostov 11" monster. Can't wait for that.

Pete :)

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