Sunday, January 20, 2013

Leaf SV

With the news of the changes and new pricing of the Nissan Leaf the good news at this time is that with the rebates that are still available you can own the top of the line Leaf if you live in California for a total of $24,800 bucks after rebates. Now that brings the car within range of everyone. An affordable OEM electric car. What? Yup. Really at this point there is no chance in hell that you can build one like this yourself. You can still have your own build of a specific vehicle but one that has all the features and even distance for $24,000! Hardly. I know of some lead acid builds, actually a bunch of them, that cost well over $20k to build from old used cars using the most common parts available and still could not break the 40 mile range at freeway speeds. Were heavy and cumbersome and had to have battery replacements every two or so years. Some have claimed longer life and excellent performance but I just don't see it. You see, I did build one of those and it was a great performer and did 80 mph when fully charged but only got 25 miles then it was just crawling along. No air, no heat, no nothin. Just a heavy cool VW Ghia. Over weight and unsafe. But hey, it was electric. Mine however only cost me $3200 bucks to build with sourced used and new parts including the cost of the roller. Today however it is getting harder but no matter what if you use lithium batteries you will spend a bundle with no guarantees or warranties.

The Leaf performs all those needs. Full electric, distance, performance, price and guarantees and warranties. All for $24800 after rebates and that is for the top of the line Leaf. The bottom of the line gets you into one for under $19K for a total of $18,800. What you say, a fully electric modern car for under $20k. Time to rethink your needs. You can drive the car for 150,000 miles for around $6k. Yes, only 6K for power to run your new car for the next 150,000 miles.

Pete :)

Oh! I forgot. A couple new colors too. But alas, no green.

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