Friday, February 1, 2013

Dry California History

I just committed to purchasing a 1973 Porsche 914. The car is a California Car and dry and rust free. A rare thing with these cars and like the VW Bug quite frequently have rust issues. Even the dreaded Hell Hole for the 914 is rust free. Very nice. I am sure that once I dig deeper I may find something but the price is good even if there happens to be some deep hidden gunk. So far none has been found. It is the original color and in good condition. Good enough to polish and go with it with out a repaint. That is awesome. I will get the vehicle running very good with the gas engine before removing it as I can sell a turn key engine for a decent price. I'd bet I could get at least 1K from the engine as a complete turnkey. I was considering changing the R&P to more like the performance transaxle I have for the VW Roadster. Anyway I am happy with the purchase and will be getting to work on it soon. The VW Roadster is still in limbo but I will continue soon. Yea Yea I know. Ive been saying that for some time now.

I now have a new microphone to use for my videos and I have a microphone boom for my smaller Shotgun microphone. I have some new lenses for my camera so I can take better photos and video. Still working with them as they are from old SLR cameras and converted to use for my Digital Camera.

So plans are to convert to electric in the near future. I am going to take suggestions on what system would be best and if any can help directly with this conversion I will welcome the help. I can do a DC system but my focus is on doing an AC with this but not with the Weenie AC24 from Electro Automotive. I am not sure if the AC50 with the Curtis will be much better. I do want decent performance but I am not looking for a hotrod. Just a nice sports car equal or better than the originals. There are some choices out there but I am not sure which to do. The only real accessible choice right now is the HPEVS system available but I still do not see the AC51 and the 144 volt controller nor do I see the AC75 in its manufactured glory ready for prime time. There is the Scott Drive System but that is still a bit elusive to consider quite yet. There is the option of finding an industrial AC motor and have it rewound but I would still need a custom adaptor made. Rewinding a motor is an interesting idea but I would still need a controller. I could actually buy one of the AC motor from the Fire Sale as well as a controller ready to go. But still need to get a control unit and a configuring cable and software to be sure it is set up correctly. DC still happens to be the easiest conversion but I am concerned about the long distance driving with brushed motors over time.

So nows your chance to have some input on a conversion that is not your own. I welcome parts and accessories that are spare and I welcome trading stuff I have to help fund this ride.

Do not hesitate to post your ideas or helps. I will consider every thing.

Here are some photos of the 914 for you. Still in all the dust and beauty of the barn/garage.

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  1. Pete,

    Another great car you have come across. Should make a real head turning ride although the VW Roadster is going to make a head turning ride also.

    For an AC system, has anyone talked to George at Netgain about the AC deal he announced at EVVCON? That may be an option.

    Looking forward to watching your progress and learning from your build.