Monday, February 11, 2013

Standards War

A little bit on standards war. It is about as simple as getting everyone on the same page with a simple but effective plug that will not only do level II but will also do fast DC charging. I can see where the need for CAN is in implementing standards as most vehicles are CAN operated or have CAN support. There are those die hard souls that still think the plug in the car should still be the standard household plug because it best fits the GRID. Well it is not so. The part that plugs into the car has nothing to do with the GRID but every thing to do with the car. It is what is plugged in and out daily and sometimes more than that. In a lifetime it will have over 2000 uses and needs to still be tight and work properly after that time. The J1772 fit that but some others are showing that a sleeker design is just as effective. I actually like the Tesla Design and the Design in the UK for their standard. I don't however like the looks of the original Chademo. That too with change but that is another story for later. I have a video I did today that is mostly a slam because of one persons insistence on having a household plug and that its not a simple thing unless its used. Yes, they have been used for a long time but it has not been without issues. Cheap extension cords being a big deal if you don't get it right and having cord ends melting because of too much power for the weenie cords. I have one that I thought was more than good enough to use to extend my original 110 evse a few extra feet to reach my car. I plugged it into the wall then the evse into the extension cord and the end got hot and melted. Ouch. Never again. Either plug the evse in directly or be sure you have a very robust extension cord. I decided to make a robust cord. It was easy and never again did I have a hot or melted extension cord plug. The EVSE and the J1772 or the equivalent is what you should use. They still connect to the grid and all the OEM electrics and plugin hybrids come with a portable evse for emergencies anyway for use in any household plug for a slow safe charge.

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